Small Gestures

With Small Gestures Jasper van Es together with MU curated a show that emphasized the beauty in the details and the impact of the architecture. We asked 15 international artists to add discreet interventions to the space and play with the expectations of visitors. Some of the works seemed like chameleons adapting to their surroundings, others draw the eye outside or even to the virtual world.

It was the first show in the new location of MU, a 1000m2 industrial space on Strijp-S, Eindhoven.

Participating artists are Ivan Argote (COL), Krystian Truth Czaplicki (POL), Brad Downey (USA), Jeroen Erosie (NL), Cayetano Ferrer (USA), Carly Fischer (AUS), Lizan Freijsen (NL), Simon Kentgens (NL), Peter de Meyer (BE), Navid Nuur (NL), Les Projecteurs (NL), Helmut Smits (NL), Strijbos & van Rijswijk (NL) and Mathieu Tremblin & David Renault (FRA).