Wild C

With Wild-C, we produced and co-curated a ‘new country escape for the 21st century’, a breeding ground where young talents and established designers can come together. Part of this open-air area, initiated by MU, was transformed into a lively venue where young and old could inhale both culture and nature.

The works, that have been specially made for Wild-C, are highly diverse and range from monumental sculptures to subtle poetic elements, and from guerrilla-like interventions to interactive moments. The participating artists included: Willem Claassen, Tim Hoefnagels, laBolleur, Angela de Weijer, Diego Sindbert, Florian de Visser, Sil Krol, Germen Zoer, Theodora Kotsi, Anita Hrnic and Paul Geelen.

With Wild-C, MU took the initiative in a special partnership with KOP Breda, Kunstpodium T (Tilburg), CBK ’s-Hertogenbosch, and Landkunst (BKKC).