Talk by Good Guy Boris

During EMOVES 2016 we organized a talk called ‘Social Media fur Urban Artists’ by Good Guy Boris from The Grifters.

Good Guy Boris is an entrepreneur, director, visual artist and creator of The Grifters. His career started with photography in early teenage years, when he was shooting what he explains as: ‘The wrong people at the right time’.

The Grifters is the best thing that ever happened to internet graffiti media. It’s a carefully curated daily feed, gathered from a select pool of top notch writers and photographers, including an assortment of the world’s most controversial artists, that work together to distribute original and exclusive content. They squeeze the juice out of the cliches of graffiti with their sharp and ironic type of humor. Using Social Media and the Internet as a successful tool for ‘getting up’.

Having a platform showing this grey area between art and vandalism resulted in an imprisonment in 2014, and Boris spend 4 months in the largest European prison. It was the second time Boris spoke publicly about his experiences and how social media and internet played a huge roll in his success.

Thanks to Emoves and Blue Collar Hotel for giving us the space and time. And special thanks to MU for helping us realize this event.