Transcranial Phase II @ STRP Biënnale

During the STRP Biënnale 2015 we produced a collaborative performance in progress by Klaus Obermaier (AUT), Daito Manabe (JPN) and Kyle McDonald (USA).

In only 6 days we worked together with two dansers to make a performance which was performed on the last Saturday of the Biënnale. All of us worked our asses off till the last second and we couldn’t have wished for a better show. It was a great experience working together with these talented artists and dancers.

Transcranial is an ambitious, collaborative ‘performance in progress’ the practices of three international artists, Klaus Obermaier, Kyle McDonald and Daito Manabe, and several festivals in Europe, including Resonate, STRP and KIKK. The Transcranial project is concerned with the ways in which contemporary digital technologies and computation tools influence and stimulate new forms of collaborative research involving dance and performance practices.