Zoro Feigl – Chasing The Tail

The installations of Zoro Feigl (1983) seem to be alive. His materials danse and twist. Placed together in a space, the separate works become one: large and ponderous in places, nervous or gracious elsewhere.

Not all artists can handle the 1000 square meter space of MU. Thats why we curated Zoro Feigl as the first solo artist to take over the new space of MU in Strijp S, Eindhoven. Feigl’s works are constantly changing, sometimes slowly,sometimes quickly. The exhibition space MU became an enlarged microscope: single-cell creatures, primitive organisms are twisting, groaning and convulsing. Without beginning or end the objects seem to be locked into themselves. As a viewer you become entangled in their movements: they embrace and amaze, but sometimes also frighten you.